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My Teaching Philosophy  


As a violin teacher, my greatest passion is sharing the joy of playing and performing music with others. My teaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that music is for everyone! I believe that if a student has a good attitude and proper instruction, every student can become a proficient and confidant player.


More importantly, every student can develop a greater appreciation for and joy in music through private instruction. 

As a teacher I try to find unique ways of challenging the individual while being kind and supportive. I believe that maintaining positive self esteem during lessons helps students realise their own potential and develop the internal motivation needed to practice and listen carefully. 


A large portion of my teaching is spent developing musical problem solving skills in each of my students so they are equipped to progress and practice successfully at home. Learning how to practice is as important as any other skill in violin performance. 


My lessons begin by building a strong foundation of skills and habits: students are taught proper violin playing posture, good practicing skills, techniques for counting and rhythm, and basic music theory knowledge.

I incorporate solfege and basic aural training regularly into lessons as a way of developing the ear and facilitate better intonation (playing in tune) on the violin.


Tension-free playing is also important to me and I demonstrate different stretches that are helpful for violinists as well as discuss how to practice a new technique in a relaxed manner.


Without a mastery of these basic but critically important skills, students will struggle constantly as they progress, sapping the joy from learning and playing violin.

Violin lessons should be a fun and enjoyable experience! With patience and consistent practice, every student is capable of improving and being proud of themselves. Music is an important, inspiring and nourishing part of people’s lives, with benefits that extend into every aspect of life.

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