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Frequently Asked Questions:

Joining a private violin/viola studio is an exciting step for anyone interested in advancing their skills or starting from the very beginning!

Below are some answers to questions I receive often.


Feel free to email or call me if you have any additional questions, I'm always happy to chat!

Minimum age to begin lessons?

This can vary depending on each child but I don't teach anyone younger than 4 years old. A child must be able to maintain focus for about 10 - 15 minutes. 

Does Sarah teach adult students?

Yes - Sarah is accepting adult students!

However, she only has three available time slots for adults in her Spring 2024 schedule.

Thank you for understanding 

Does Sarah travel to student's homes?


I teach out of my home studio in Kenmore / Tonawanda Buffalo.


I do offer hybrid lessons if travel to my home is particularly challenging. 

What teaching method does Sarah teach? 

Refer to my 'Lesson Info' page for more details about this, but in short I teach a traditional method inspired by celebrated 20th century and modern pedagogues

Does Sarah's studio have a sibling deal?


I do not offer a discount for siblings or relatives.

Each student receives individual attention and time in the lesson. Siblings in my studio do however have the unique advantage to learn and practice duets together. 

Are virtual lessons an option?


If you do not live in or around Buffalo New York, virtual lessons are certainly an option. Email Sarah for more info. 


For students who are able to drive to Sarah's teaching studio, virtual lessons are offered occasionally based on need. 

Steve, father of a student:

"Sarah Cole is a gifted musician and teacher. Her delightful and welcoming studio exudes a life dedicated to the exploration of the world of music. In her lessons, she performs the magic trick of being at once challenging, rigorous, patient, and kind.

She is always eager to help students find their own relationship to the many dimensions of violin practice. Our daughter, who had never touched a violin before her lessons with Ms. Cole, has learned a huge amount in a short time."

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